UI fixes in inSSIDer Office and inSSIDer Plus

Our small but mighty dev team was hard at work this week! If you use inSSIDer Office or inSSIDer Plus, you’ll notice a few new things:

inSSIDer Office for Mac got some love to make it a cleaner experience for users on MacOS Mojave. Version v4.0.7.1 updates include:

  • Buttons and other Mac UI controls obey the Mojave Light/Dark modes
  • Brought back the close button on the network details (Mojave)
  • Fix the border around network names in graph (Mojave)

Windows users of inSSIDer Office (v4.4.6.3) and inSSIDer Plus/Lite (v1.2.11) are getting a less, er, fuzzy experience with this update.

Yeah, the fuzzy text in the graphs was annoying us too, so we’ve made our graphs resolution-independent. Thanks for the suggestion, @CaNerdIan! 

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