In case you missed it at Cisco Live 2013, we just released Chanalyzer Pro with Cisco CleanAir® today, and are excited to tell you about this new development! With today’s…

In case you missed it at Cisco Live 2013, we just released Chanalyzer Pro with Cisco CleanAir® today, and are excited to tell you about this new development! With today’s announcement, Cisco users can expect enhanced spectrum analysis and ongoing application improvements when using the new tool.

Get Remote RF Troubleshooting and Reporting.

With this new application, you can see and troubleshoot RF interference without leaving your desk! This time-saving feature is only available with Chanalyzer Pro with Cisco CleanAir.

Using CleanAir-enabled access points, you can connect remotely with a CCF file using the router’s NSI Key, or from your Cisco Prime administration page. You may be familiar with Spectrum Expert, but the new Chanalyzer is so much better 🙂

For example, unlike Spectrum Expert, Chanalyzer fully supports Cisco’s WSSI module, and data can be collected from Cisco CleanAir Access Points in either Local, Monitor, or SE-Connect modes. Chanalyzer also provides an easy way for you to prepare findings into a spectrum analysis report that can be exported to PDF — and you still don’t have to leave your desk!

Double Rainbow! What Does It Mean?

Well – it means you can keep an eye on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at the same time, and switch between active sessions in just one click!

Our powerful Waterfall Navigation allows you DVR-like playback controls, letting you “skip the commercials” and jump straight to the bright red spectrum events. This makes analyzing your live or pre-recorded capture super fast. The Water Navigation also drives Chanalyzer’s unified time view – so, when you select a time range of a spectrum capture, all of the information panes in the application will update to display data from only your selected range.

Zero-In On Interference.

Chanalyzer’s Device Interferers Table is a filterable list of all the non-Wi-Fi devices that your connected AP detects.

The innovative Density View will overlay utilization and interferes for quick identification. Selecting one of these transmitters will display its shape the Density View, visually representing not only the affected channels, but how severe the impact is.

Fully Compatible with Wi-Spy.

While getting the AP’s point of view on RF interference is extremely useful, there are still going to times where you need to see the impact of interference from the client’s perspective.

With this in mind, Chanalyzer Pro with Cisco CleanAir maintains full compatibility with our pocket-sized USB Wi-Spy spectrum analysis devices, and has the Chanalyzer features loved by Wi-Fi troubleshooters everywhere.

Find out more, and get a free trial here!


  1. Trent, why is it brand new project, with new price and different software package? Why you have not upgrade our Chanalyzer Pro with Clean Air connect? 🙁

  2. Hi

    I’m having af bit of a problem, using Chanalyzer with Cisco CleanAir AP’s. I’ve followed the guide, and it seems that the chanalyzer is connected to my AP. Unfortunantly, nothing happens. I’ve tried with two PC’s, and two AP’s. Same result. In the bottom of Chanalyzer, I can see it is connected to the AP. The AP’s are configured to SE-Connect. If I click “CleanAir” > “Connect to CleanAir AP” it says “Already connected to this data source”. In my controller, I can se that the radios are up. The AP’s I’ve tried with, are Cisco 2702i and 3602i. No data appears in my Chanalyzer.

    What to do?

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