Active MetaCare subscribers get access to inSSIDer Plus at no additional subscription cost.

Happy New Year from our team at MetaGeek!

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to have awesome Wi-Fi in 2019? Do you already own either Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. (or both!) and have at least one active MetaCare subscription?

If so, then boy oh boy are you are in luck, because right now we’re giving active MetaCare subscribers access to inSSIDer Plus at no additional subscription cost.

inSSIDer Plus is the next evolution of inSSIDer Office, and it’s purpose-built to give you the quickest view of your Wi-Fi environment so you can spot problems, fix them and get on with your day.

Overall, inSSIDer Plus is great for:

  • Performing channel-planning on a multi-AP network
  • Avoiding interference
  • Measuring channel use (utilization) and client counts
  • Performing coverage checks

inSSIDer Plus is the perfect complement to Chanalyzer and Eye P.A.

Chanalyzer and Eye P.A. are powerful tools that allow you to dig deep into spectrum and packet data, once you’ve figured out if your issue is a spectrum issue or packet issue. inSSIDer Plus helps you get there quicker by visualizing both spectrum and packet problems at a high level, so you’ll know whether to launch Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. when a deep dive is needed.

Get started using inSSIDer Plus

Log in to your My MetaGeek account, and if your MetaCare subscription is active, you’ll have the option to download inSSIDer Plus. Check out this article for a detailed walk-through.

What if I don’t own any MetaGeek software yet, and just want to subscribe to inSSIDer Plus?

So glad you asked! You can subscribe to inSSIDer Plus here and get started right away.

This is just the beginning

Today, inSSIDer Plus looks kinda similar to previous versions of inSSIDer (with a few added goodies like user-based authentication, client count, channel utilization, and a light color scheme) but we’re just getting started. Soon, inSSIDer Plus will integrate with the My MetaGeek platform to store snapshots, compare with previous snapshots and provide deeper insights to improve your Wi-Fi performance.

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