inSSIDer 5 [Plus] Network Devices

inSSIDer now uses network discovery methods to collect information about your local network and then combines that with WiFi packet capture information to give a comprehensive view of the devices on your network.

Multi-Layered Pie Chart (Treepie) showing Client Frame Types

inSSIDer 5, the first application to ever combine Wi-Fi scanning with packet capture and RF spectrum analysis, is becoming even more powerful and awesome! Announcing inSSIDer 5.1 with: All Clients…

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With the release of inSSIDer 5, Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer, MetaGeek Plus, and Rampart with Network Snapshots, MetaGeek is transitioning its products from the Wi-Fi troubleshooting focus it’s had for the last 14 years to Wi-Fi management.

Find out how inSSIDer 5 combines Wi-Fi scanning with packet analysis for a comprehensive view of the Wi-Fi environment.

inSSIDer 5

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of inSSIDer 5 – the world’s first application to combine Wi-Fi scanning, RF spectrum analysis and Wi-Fi packet analysis into a comprehensive view…

inSSIDer 1.13 contains some UI fixes that we hope will make your workflow quicker and more intuitive. Do you like the improvements? Dislike? Let us know in the comments! inSSIDer…