inSSIDer 5 [Plus] Network Devices

inSSIDer now uses network discovery methods to collect information about your local network and then combines that with WiFi packet capture information to give a comprehensive view of the devices on your network.

Multi-Layered Pie Chart (Treepie) showing Client Frame Types

inSSIDer 5, the first application to ever combine Wi-Fi scanning with packet capture and RF spectrum analysis, is becoming even more powerful and awesome! Announcing inSSIDer 5.1 with: All Clients…

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With the release of inSSIDer 5, Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer, MetaGeek Plus, and Rampart with Network Snapshots, MetaGeek is transitioning its products from the Wi-Fi troubleshooting focus it’s had for the last 14 years to Wi-Fi management.

Find out how inSSIDer 5 combines Wi-Fi scanning with packet analysis for a comprehensive view of the Wi-Fi environment.

inSSIDer 5

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of inSSIDer 5 – the world’s first application to combine Wi-Fi scanning, RF spectrum analysis and Wi-Fi packet analysis into a comprehensive view…

Previously, we announced snapshots in inSSIDer. Today, we are announcing that you can now take snapshots in Air Viewer! If you have the Wi-Spy Air and the Air Viewer app…